karakamia was commissioned from composer, David Pye, by Nova Ensemble to draw attention to, and celebrate, the work being done at Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary. The music draws its inspiration from the re-awakening of the property's original biodiversity and the natural cycles of the land - the daily cycle of diurnal and nocturnal life, the annual cycle of the seasons, the cycles of the moon. Composed for pi's ensemble of reeds, strings and percussion, the score calls upon birdsong and other natural sounds as a starting point for the melodic and rhythmic material.

The composer's process also involved members of the pi ensemble individually touring the property with the composer and then recording a series of improvisations. Those sessions, and hours of environmental recordings made by the composer at Karakamia, have inspired the heart of the new work. Although making use of birdsong and other natural sounds, the music is not intended to be merely descriptive. Rather it explores a constantly shifting balanced interplay between the 10 players, mirroring the natural processes of a healthy ecology - a tribute to Karakamia and its purpose. This is a musical response to an extra-ordinary environment (and the questions raised by the need for such places) and an ensemble of extra-ordinary musicians.

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the music falls into a number of sections connected by improvisations:
bush textures 1 - the bush solo cello mel robinson
after marais solos soprano saxes lee buddle, graeme blevins
accordion cathie travers
cello mel robinson
based over a three note repeated figure, the music follows the loss of species as habitat is destroyed and feral animals take over niches in the ecology, and then the triumphant return as karakamia is fenced, the feral animals eradicated and various species reintroduced and allowed to breed.
bush textures 2 - frogs solo bass clarinet lee buddle
woylies an intricate interplay between the members of the ensemble as a simple three note figure evolves into ever more complex patterns.
warbler's dance solos dumbek gen wilkins
djembe paul tanner
bush textures 3 - ducks at dusk solo marimba paul tanner
sanctuary solos violin jess ipkendanz
flute lee buddle
cello peter grayling
marimba paul tanner
accordion cathie travers
soprano sax graeme blevins
a movement to reflect the revitalised energy of the environment and show-off the wonderful talents of the band.

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