[pockets CD cover]
Nova Ensemble's latest CD, Pockets, is a musical revelation! A feast for the ears, Pockets is a tapestry of exciting new sounds, rhythms and melodies, played on some of the most unlikely and fantastic wind and percussion instruments you are likely to hear.

Thongaphones, the "didgeriloo", "surgical glove bagpipes", Indonesian angklung (tuned bamboo shakers), saxophones and an abundance of instruments small enough to fit our many pockets are among those featured in this lively and often infectiously playful recording. In the music itself, one can hear different pockets of the world: the strains of an Irish jig, of African street music, some tongue-twisting Indian-styled vocal percussion or dance rhythms from Cuba. Hear old and new musical threads weaving together.

[pockets CD cover]
[pockets CD - inside booklet Nova, a highly experienced foursome, whose individual members work in orchestral, jazz and world music, perform regularly in the Festival of Perth and have been mainstays of the Musica Viva in Schools programme for over a decade. Nova has also recently played to enthusiastic audiences throughout Western Australia, Singapore, Sydney and the Northern Territory.

[pockets CD cover] can be ordered from Nova by mail, email, phone, fax or drop into our studio!!

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