Rocks sing by moonlight


Side DAWN Buddle, Pye, Ridge, Travers Decameron
Side DUSK Buddle, Pye, Ridge, Travers Rocks sing by moonlight

Lee Buddle descant recorder, flute, soprano and alto saxophone, Akai S900 sampler, bells, pod rattle
Cathie Travers Yamaha DX 7, Yamaha DX 21, Korg M1 synthesizers
Gary Ridge claypot, tabla, berimbau, talking drum, cymbals, cowbell, various percussion
David Pye marimba, vibraphone,various percussion

An improvisation on two 14th century Florentine tunes realised from the original manuscript by Ester Lamandier.

Rocks sing by moonlight
An improvisation on Cycles and Lines by Warwick Bone. Warwick wrote the original work for flute and marimba circa. 1979 while a student at the Victorian College of the Arts. The first performance was given in that year by fellow students, David Pye and Prudence Davis (now Principal Flute of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra). David has since performed the work many times in both its original version and in differing combinations of instruments. The score prescribes the pitch materials of the flute part whilst leaving register, timbre, rhythm, duration etc. open to the performer. The marimba cycles are fixed, although the number of repetitions of each cycle are determined by the length of each line in the flute part.

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