Who is taking part?
All the participants are amateur musicians. We have invited several choirs, orchestras and ensembles and have also placed ads in newspapers to invite groups and individual musicians we haven’t got in our data bases. Feel free to help spread the word!

What will be happening?
The afternoon will kick off at noon with a sight reading sessions for orchestral musicians and a workshop for choristers - each directed by a well-known local conductor.

During the afternoon each ensemble will have the chance to present a short performance – not an entire concert program! - about 20 minutes of repertoire – maybe a movement or two from something you are working on for your next concert, or something from your last concert if you’ve still got the music. We realise that most groups will be presenting their final concert for the year just a few weeks after the festival, so we hope you will have some of your program in pretty good nick for a performance. If you can't gather your whole ensemble for the day, why not send along a section to play some chamber music.

To conclude the afternoon, at 5.00pm we are inviting all orchestral musicians and choristers to join us for a massed orchestral/choral sight reading through some popular classics.

We encourage as many of you as possible to take the opportunity to play some chamber music as well. We hope that members of choirs and orchestras will break down into chamber groups or form impromptu quartets or chamber choirs with new or old friends. You may wish to prepare something in advance or simply find some friends and bash through that Beethoven quartet you’ve always wanted to look at. We have maybe four or five hours and several venues to fill and if people want to perform all afternoon that's fine. Try and bring whatever music you think you may need. We are unlikely to be in a position to provide music for all and sundry.

We would like to stress that the afternoon is not about polished performances for the general public. It is about us as amateur musicians enjoying a chance to play music together, and those members of the public who come along to hear us can enjoy that process for what it is.

Where will we be playing?
We will be using several venues scattered across the Notre Dame campus. You may be in the foyer of a historic building, a chapel, or possibly under a tree in one of the various secluded courtyards. We will try and put everyone into a venue that is appropriate.

Who will we be playing for?
From our point of view, the over-riding intent of the festival is for our musicians to get together and enjoy a day’s music-making. If an audience turns up, that’s a bonus. In our experience, at events like this people will come and go, maybe staying for just a few minutes before wandering on. That doesn’t matter. No one’s counting. But we do hope that people will be engaged and you will draw them into a valuable musical experience. You may be surprised what people get out of what in effect may be a first rehearsal. Better that they are engaged on a more personal basis than they sit in serried ranks applauding on cue!

We will provide you with a sign to hang over a music stand so people know who you are and perhaps what you’re playing. We'll provide the public – and fellow musicians – with a program along with a map of the venues. We suggest you also bring some literature about your group and shamelessly recruit new performing members or audience!

What do we need to bring?
Your instruments, a music stand, any music you'd like to play, and the desire to make music and have fun doing so.

What should I do when I arrive?
Check in at the info desk in Prindiville Hall [cnr Mouat St + Croke St]. We'll greet you with a smile, give you a program and point you in the right direction for your first session.

Where can my choir warmup?
Feel free to warm up in Prindiville Hall - or find a shady corner in Molloy Courtyard!

Can I get a coffee or a meal between sessions?
Yes – you are in Fremantle! There is an excellent little cafe on campus as well as cafes within a couple of minutes walk.

Can I leave my valuable instrument somewhere safe while I go for that coffee?
There will be a secure room off Prindiville Hall staffed by one of our festival gophers. It will be manned all day and musicians will get a number tag when they deposit instruments or personal belongings which can be redeemed when they hand the tag back in.

Where can I park?
There is no denying it - parking can be an issue in Fremantle. We will have parking available for musians with large/heavy instruments [double basses, contrabassoons, tubas, keyboards etc], however we sinmply can't fit in everybody. You'll need to collect a parking permit from carpark attendant or the info desk in Prindiville Hall if the carpark is unattended. There is free parking either side of the railway line down towards South Beach – just a few stops away on the FREE CAT Bus

Is there a fee for performing?

Does it cost anything?
Not a cent! We will reimburse any professional costs you may incur on the day [such as the fee for your conductor and/or accompanist]. We will be providing a set of music stands and basic percussion gear for the large orchestra venue.