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contemporary music for extraordinary instruments

[oil drum taiko]

Junkelan takes place in a bleak future where wandering cyber minstrels sift through the debris creating fresh and shuddering sounds from cold steel and industrial plastics.

[cog bonang] Scrap metal meets hi-tech in an orchestra of found objects, as sonic imagination transforms rust, corrosion and industrial fragments into a soundscape of power and intensity, delicacy and beauty. Phoenix-like, out of a post nuclear holocaust, music evolves using whatever resources mankind can find.
Junkelan uses instruments designed and built by the ensemble from scrap metal and industrial plastics integrating the primitive with digital music technology and cultural influences from Indonesia. Oil drum taiko, cog bonang, megabass clarinet, frog tubes, stop-sign-a-phone, chainmakers, heckle'n'jeckle - just a few of the instruments comprising Junkelan. [megabass clarinet]

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