Mark Cain

[Mark playing the surgical glove bagpipe]
Mark's professional music career includes experience in cross-cultural (Eastern European, Latin American, Aboriginal), dance, theatre, film and experimental forms. A former radio journalist, responsible for training Western Australia's first Aboriginal broadcasters, he was the founder of the innovative performance group, AC - PVC, whose instruments were crafted from industrial plastics.
Playing saxophone, various woodwinds (including bombarde, crumhorn and zurna), flute, digeridoo, percussion, and making and performing on new instruments made from PVC, other industrial materials and "junk" or re-cycled items, he has contributed to a number of recordings since 1979 and have been an active composer since the early 1980's.

He performs regularly with both Nova and The Windcheaters, and works extensively in schools and on youth music/arts projects in WA and interstate. A board member of Nova, Mark was also a founding committee member of Evos Music and the Multicultural Arts Centre of WA on which he currently serves on the programming committee. He has also been a member of the Creative Development and Music Peer Assessment Panels for the Department for the Arts, as well as artistic committees for the Festival Fringe (Artrage) and Evos Music. Currently Mark is working for the ABC as guest producer for Radio National's Nightly Planet

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